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Dawn Simulators           Free Shipping with lightbox

Do you have difficulty getting up in the dark during the winter?  A dawn simulator can help waking up easier.  Dawn simulation is a gentle way to awaken, eliminating the jarring noise of the alarm clock.  

The SunUp and SunRizr can control up to 400 watts.  Plug your own bedroom lamp into the dawn simulator.  You can also use a halogen lamp or strip lighting above your bed.  Any conventional incandescent lamp can be controlled to simulate exactly the gentle light intensity curve of sunrise and sunset. 

SunUp     $198.00 Temporarily Out of Stock (Oct 2012)

The SunUp is fully programmable for dawn and dusk from one minute to three hours. You can select the length of dawn that mirrors the length of dawn at your latitude.  

SunRizr     $129.00  Temporarily Out of Stock (Oct 2012)

The SunRizr is the same as the SunUp but with a fixed dawn and dusk (45 minute dawn and 15 minute dusk)

All units come with a full warranty. Shipping and Handling charges are $8 for one unit anywhere in the United States.

Free shipping on Dawn Simulators when ordered with lightbox.


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DISCLAIMER: Enviro-Med cannot offer medical advice or recommend which individuals should receive light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, winter blues or other conditions. We advise that light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, winter depression or other conditions be prescribed by a physician or other qualified health care professional and duration and timing supervised by the same. Consult with your physician to rule out any ophthalmological or other conditions that might preclude the use of light therapy.

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