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Bio-Light Ultra 10,000 LUX Light Therapy System

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Enviro-Med's most popular light is the Bio-Light Ultra. This portable 10,000 lux unit measures only 12 x 24 inches and retails for $399, making it the most affordable of all research quality light boxes.  The Ultra dispenses 10,000 lux at a comfortable 20" from the unit. This allows a large usable work space making treatment convenient and effective. 

The Ultra uses 3 double tubes for a total of 6 strips of light which spreads the light out more evenly and increases comfort.  Three tubes eliminates hot spots and glare that occur with competitors that use only two tubes. 

The Ultra uses a white reflector instead of silver.  This reduces glare and increases the softness and comfort of the light.  The Ultra weighs only 7 pounds.

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DISCLAIMER: Enviro-Med cannot offer medical advice or recommend which individuals should receive light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, winter blues or other conditions. We advise that light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, winter depression or other conditions be prescribed by a physician or other qualified health care professional and duration and timing supervised by the same. Consult with your physician to rule out any ophthalmological or other conditions that might preclude the use of light therapy.

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